• NO:L637
  • NO:L636B
  • NO:L636A
  • NO:5048B
  • NO:5045
  • NO:5042B
  • NO:5042A
  • NO:5040
  • NO:5039B
  • NO:5039A
  • NO:5029B
  • NO:5029A
  • NO:5028D
  • NO:5028C
  • NO:5028B
  • NO:5028A
  • NO:5025A
  • NO:XL-15
  • NO:XL-14
  • NO:XL-13
  • NO:XL-12
  • NO:XL-11
  • NO:XL-08
  • NO:XL-07-1
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Nanlong plastic factory is a professional cosmetics packaging manufacturer. Developed the main products are: gloss bottle, bottle, bottle eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip balm tube shell powder compact, skin care cosmetics packaging series.

After years of development, the company has integrated all the production processes from raw materials to finished products. The appearance color treatment uses the injection molding color and the spray processing, has the vacuum spray plating, the spray paint, the UV light oil and other other surface processing treatment. In addition, we also provide customers with professional stamping, silk printing and other printing processes.

The injection molding process is the process of making the semi finished products of a certain shape by pressing, injecting, cooling, and separating the molten raw materials. The process includes the following stages: molding, filling, pressing, cooling, opening and stripping.